January 1

SquidGuard and Polipo

SquidGuard is a high-speed URL filtering programme. It accepts URLs on stdin, matches them against a blacklist (of URLs, domains or regular expressions) and produces re-written URLs on stdout. It is designed to be used with the open-source ‘squid’ HTTP proxy. It’s primary purpose is for restricting access to unsavoury websites.

Polipo is a a fairly lightweight HTTP Proxy server designed for personal use. It is particularly designed to reduce the ill-effects of high-latency internet connections on web-browsing – making use of modern HTTP filters such as HTTP persistent connections, pipelining and cache-control headers.

Getting these to work together…

Though Polipo has support for ‘squid-style redirectors’ it does not work with squidGuard redirector out-of-the-box.

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